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Connoisseur grade cannabis and cannabis products, grown utilizing renewable inputs and environmentally responsible practices, here in Vermont. Our highly skilled team works endlessly to bring Vermonters the most aromatic and highest quality cannabis possible. With over 20 years immersed in cannabis and hemp cultivation, we are dedicated to making Vermont’s cannabis industry a world leader in quality and innovation.


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Tropicana Slurpee

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These new @mammothlighting LEDs are amazing and will take @forbins.finest @forbins.reserve cannabis to the next level!!!

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We’re rooting for the cannabis industry in Vermont!
shout out to our nursery staff here at Forbins 😊
Shout out to @thefineprintjournalism and Caleb Teski are representing Forbin’s finest in Las Vegas


Forbins Finest is surely the best flower in the game. The time and energy they put into growing the plants is felt in the effects. We trust Angela + Nick wholeheartedly and would recommend their flower to anyone who values quality.

One Happy Girl Burlington, VT

The wonders of this plant never cease to amaze me. Terpenoid profiles like this Pineapple Slurpee have are exactly why I love craft cannabis so much. It is why I believe that craft cannabis is our future.

New England Cannabis Journal Vermont

Forbins Pineapple Cream is my new favorite. All gas and Pineapples. Love these guys genetics! You need them if you haven't grown them yet

Another Local Grower Somewhere in the Green Mountains

Wow! Tropicanna Banana grown by ForbinsFinest. This heavy hitter owes her status to Tropicanna Cookies and Banana Kush, both legends in their own regards. The terps are mind blowing , you will feel like you are standing in a succulent tropical banana grove. The combination of the citrus notes and earthy banana hues will satisfy even the stoutest of smokers.

photo of New England Cannabis Journal New England Cannabis Journal Vermont

Forbins Tropicana Banana is very tasty! You can't go wrong with anything ForbinsFinest, No Joke


Today we are smoking on some heady Strawberry Slurpee. This girl is a strong Sativa dominant cross, her terps are out of this world. She reeks of high test strawberry gas with earthy sweetness abounding throughout. The colors….the light and deep purple juxtaposed against the neon green is a sight to behold.

photo of New England Cannabis Journal New England Cannabis Journal Vermont

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