Forbins Finest is founded on the principle of cultivating Vermont’s favorite cannabis. To achieve this goal, we select only the finest plants that produce highly aromatic, terpene-rich flowers using genetics from close friends and from our own in-house breeding program. We then grow these unique and diverse cultivars at our indoor farm in Barre, Vermont, making use of sustainable inputs and renewable energy. One sniff and we’ll think you’ll agree that our flower truly is the Green Mountain’s finest!


Our story starts with bad weed in the 1990s. Owing to its illegal status, most of the cannabis on the market then was of dubious origin, questionable quality and riddled with seeds. But as avid gardeners, we knew that given the right care and attention, the humble cannabis plant could be elevated to a magical status. And so we got to growing!

Cannabis sativa Linnaeus, or simply “cannabis,” has been cultivated by humans for over 4,800 years. One of the earliest mentions of its healing properties stem from the times of the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung, circa 2800 BCE. And for thousands of years humans have enjoyed the epicurean delight both from smelling and tasting the flowers of this magical plant, and also from how the plant enriches other experiences. We have long been fascinated by the many opportunities that cannabis offers and love cultivating it!

Fast-forward to 2006 and the good times came to a screeching halt. No matter how much we believed in the sanctity of the plant and the good it could do for the world, the Federal government continued its “War on Drugs” and Nick was sent to jail for his belief that plants shouldn’t be illegal.

Our family has experienced first-hand the impacts of the failed War on Drugs and we are committed to helping this country heal and move forward. As part of our mission, we hire people who have been negatively impacted by Prohibition, offering fair and equitable pay. We provide support to Vermont-based social equity programs as well as supporting The Last Prisoner Project, which works to end Federal Cannabis Prohibition and to free those unjustly imprisoned for cannabis.


So what makes Forbins Finest really the finest cannabis in Vermont? We have finely tuned all of our cultivation practices to coax our plants into producing high levels of terpenes. Terpenes are the primary component of cannabis’ aroma and also provide some of its experiential effects. Some cultivars have terpenes that are fruity and bright, while others are earthy and gas-y. The aroma of each cannabis cultivar can give you a glimpse into how it might make you feel and so we grow to maximize the sensory experience!

All of these pieces of our story come together in our legendary, hand-trimmed, high-terpene cannabis. Pristine genetics, meticulous farming techniques, and gentle handling are key to producing highly-aromatic cannabis that leaps out of the jar and tantalizes the nose. With just one sniff you’ll know that Forbins Finest is your new favorite!

Meet the Team!

Nick Mattei

Head Cultivator, Co-Owner

Angela Payette

Co-Owner, Cultivation, Compliance

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