Pineapple Cream

Heavy, heady and creamy, a smoker’s dream…

Whether looking for a relaxed night at home after working all day or a strain perfect for a midday hike with your friends, Pineapple Cream is ideal for those looking for a heavy, quick hitting high that produces calming and relaxing effects for even the most tolerant of smokers. 

POTENCY: HIGH. THC: 25.46% / CBG: 0.76%


AROMA:  Earthy, and citrusy with sweet, fruity undertones.

FLAVOR: Creamy, earthy taste. A slight sweet aftertaste on the exhale. Thick, light yellow, heavy smoke. 

EFFECTS: Energetic, to stony effects. Cheerful qualities. Relaxed and calm. 

WHEN TO USE: Midday adventure, evening.

LINEAGE: Pineapple Skunk (Pineapple Express X Skunk #1) X Exotic Genetics Cookies and Cream F2

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