Tropicana Slurpee

Turn up the volume on a good time with Tropicana Slurpee!

EFFECT: Center

LINEAGE: Tropicana Cookies X Strawberry Slurpee by Fancy Weed

VARIETY: Hybrid (Sativa dominant)


DESCRIPTION: Our friends at Fancy Weed have done it again with another Slurpee cross. Tropicana Slurpee is a cross between the legendary Tropicana Cookies and Strawberry Slurpee (link to SSL page). These dense, frosty purple nuggets are a true delight just to behold and when you smell ‘em… you know it’s gonna be good! We reach for Tropicana Slurpee when we wanna just vibe and just amplify an already good time. It seems to just turn up the volume on a good song and makes us laugh just a little harder at a good joke. It’s all good with Tropicana Slurpee and we’re all smiles even just thinking about it.

AROMA: Fresh and floral, Tropicana Slurpee boasts notes of lavender and sweet gas, roses and pine, supported by spicy citrus, like a clove-studded orange.

FLAVOR: A medium-bodied white gray smoke with fruity citrus notes and hint of spice. FLORAL, FUEL, SWEET

BEST FOR: Smiles & giggles. Smooth vibing. Floating on.

WHEN TO USE: Weekend hang sessions and binge-watching evenings.



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